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Among them, the user service complaint accounts for 50.Figure 2 2019-2020 harassment phone complaints Figure 3 2019-2020 Garbage Break SMS Complaints (3) Poor mobile phone application complaints.”In fact, the purpose of the left bank technology company is to make money for APP.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has urged relevant telecommunications companies to verify disposal of the above complaint numbers.6% year-on-year (see Annex 1, 2).”After the company got the order, all outsourced to the left bank technology company operation, which belongs to a total.Telecommunication equipment access license is implemented in parallel with “Radio Launch Equipment Model” and has no repeated test items.Organize 7 Provincial Communications Administration, including Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan, complete 38 basic telecommunications companies unfair to compete in field inspection, and conduct administrative punishment for 1 large enterprises with serious problems. read more

Liu Che is seven years old.From April 23 to May 10

Site map seems not important, there is a great help to optimize, the website map has a clear display of the entire website structure, the spider grabs the website content I will first grab the website map to help spiders quickly analyze the website and improve the website page.a domain name the server selectionConsidering the problem of commodity, customer service suggests that Ms.Select the server can not be cheap, based on actual demand, the access speed is not too slow, and stability is the need to pay attention.Secondly, when the spider visits to 404, tell the spider this page does not require an index, which is easy to delete, increase trust.Pudong New Area Consumer Protection Committee staff got in contact with the operator, Mr. read more