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And Nanyang, Huainan passed the inconsistency of Yuan Shu, the rake of the rake, and Cao Cao took the hand and took it.That is to say, Yuan Shaoju exceeds 100,000 people.However, Yuan Shao is a person with a short military strategy, and believes that Cao Caos strength is not as good as him.As long as you hit, you will run the decisive battle.So, everyone said that Yuan Shu soldiers are fine, and the Tongsheng time has more than 100,000 troops.National Cheng Kung University after Emperor marriage can have concubines, and after the Wanli Emperors harem, too, have many concubines, but these women are not interested in Wanli Emperor.Zhengs thus was blocked as Zheng Guifei, Zhengs can be said to be the soul of Ming Shenzong, she doesnt always abide by the women of the dead plate, will not fight for vinegar, will not be confident, for the love of Ming Zong, is complete, Really real, she is a special existence for Ming Zongzong.When it comes to Zheng Royal, what would you think of it? Let us introduce you to small series relevant historical deeds.Zheng Zheng Royal North Zhili Shuntian Daxing County, when the Wanli nine years, the court decreed ready to Wanli Emperor elect nine example, because Zheng pretty outstanding, He was elected to the Royal Palace.Food for continuous war.If you listen to the suggestion of Tianfeng, Cao Caos strength is gradually consumed, only two or three thousand can be used, and the military grain is serious, and where is Yuan Shaos opponent.The south is a powerful Liu Tang and Sun Ce, and there is a non-fashionable Zhang embroidery.In this way, the strength of Cao Cao is consumed.And the ethnic minority cavalry of Wuhuang, Xianbei, the strength is not strong, and it is not difficult to deal with it.Before the battle of Guandu, Cao Caos strength is not weak, occupying Zhangzhou, Yuzhou, Xuzhou three states, plus Nanyang, Huainan and Sipong East.At that time, Han Dynasty had 13 states, Yuan Shao controlled the main territories of 4 states in the north.”Wife, help me think of a vision of tourism programs, require the theme, the artistic conception, you can respect others and highlight yourself, content should be slightly sexy, not exaggerated, it is best to listen to it.However, Cao Caos site leads to economic almost bankruptcy, reluctant to rely on TsuTA to maintain basic survival, and cannot be available.People, this person is Zheng. read more

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In 220 AD, Han Dynasty prime minis, Cao Yu, forced Han Dynasty to let the emperor to let the emperor, Duodu, the national number “Wei”, and the history called Cao Wei, marking the formal end of the Han Dynasty era.After this, Li Jilong has also improved, “Musheng Garden makes it, leads to the state of the state, and protects three hands.After coming to Dongwu, Liaohua did not choose to be the effectiveness of Sun Quan.In 229, Sun Quan said that the emperor, Dingdu Jianyi, the national number “Wu”, and the history called East Wu.” After the end of the Yongxi Northern Expedition, Cao Bin led the East Road Army defeated the bogi and the Liao Jun took the opportunity to invade again.As we all know, in the Three Kingdoms period, Han Han and Dongwu have alliances, and the powerful Cao Wei.Later, Li Jilong got the opportunity in the south, and his team was brave, and he got the appreciation of Zhao Wei.Because he missed the Han Lord Liu Bei, so he was fraudulent, and the people believed that Liaohua took the mother to leave Dong Wu and went to Han.AD 234, Yan Han, Zhu Zhiang, Dynasty.At this time, Li Jilong, the country, stationed, “Things have a strain, and the guilty is booked, and the sin of the violation is alone.Jing Yao Second Years (259) June, Liaohua promoted the right car, grant the knife, and the guidelines, and the hometown of the state.3, Details ChartIn fact, the change of Xuanwumen is someone to save, and there are two dials that come to save, but they are all behind Li Shi.In May, the Prince Liu Zen is in place, and the election is revised.In this period, there was a three countries in Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dongwu. read more