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There is a strategy, planning link to a target optimized website link wheel, and the role of the wheel chain can effectively improve the rankings after the search engine!ArticleDepth, and reptiles, thereby increasing the number of websites and visits;can be effective in optimizing the wheel chain, but, more Time and need more websites to implement this goal, so the cost of time in SEO is the most needed for website wheel, which can be said that the quality of these links is required, otherwise no effect.And ranking.1, improve the “spider to grab the website,Each reasonable wheel chain has done a close link between a separate website or blog, in which case every site The weight will be improved, and each persons websites weight will naturally drive the weight improvement of the final link target website and ranking.From the perspective of the website SEO optimization, the wheelchain is not only the role of delivery of website weights, but also adding a spider to our website crawling.When you earn 20,000 months, you will know that people who take the new love crazy are not forced, take LV in your hand, Prada is not installed, when you earn 100,000 months, you will know the street BMW Audis people running around are not forced, when you earn 1 million months, you will know that there are special drivers, people who live in the house are not forced .5, improve the overall score of the website, ranked,After website SEO optimization, the wheel chain often said, refers to the establishment of a large number of independent sites on the Internet, or there are many personal blogs on a large portal, through the station group or the unidirection between the blog group.The way of building the wheel chain is that the SEOER optimization personnel are reprinted by publishing articles to a (article —- A page), the article released by the website is reproduced to the B page leaving a page URL (A — B + a), the article released by the B station is reproduced to the C page leaving the AB page URL (B — C + AB), so on, the last: the article published by the E page is reproduced to the URL of the ABCDE page with the F page (e – f + abcde), thus forming a link on the A link on the 4 pages of B, C, D, and E (the final page of the A link pointing to a page), thereby greatly enhances the weight of the A page.can say a lot of novice optimization The wheel chain in SEO, instant reflection is a highly deep and bovine website optimization technique, but dont want to be complicated, this is a very common way of SEO external chain optimization, and lets take a look at the following days;6, improve the visibility of the website, exposure,I always think that “the people” is in the moment, it must be your mentality.3 Improve website traffic,What are the advantages of the SEO wheel chain?4, improve the website keyword rankings,2, improve the website PR. read more

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In order not to let Guan Yu attack Fancheng, in-depth Cao Weis hijing, Cao Caos consideration of Jiangnan to Sun Quan as the price, ask Sun Quan to guard Guan Yu, to increase the pressure behind Guan Yu, forced Guan Yu retreat.528 yuan, relative in reference to the date of fund shares net (IOPV) premium rate reached 13.This is already a week, and the third premium risk prompt of the middle network is announced.On the same day, the fund in the secondary market rose 3.Today we have to introduce the owner, is the most petty of Wu Zetian, compared to everyone who everyone is, she is the Princess Taiping, Li Lingue.94%, reaching 1.Recently, the interpretation of the intermittent reminder of the intermittent, suggesting that the fund site has reached 13. read more