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The force betrayed him with two people, one is the general of Han Wenmili to give him a generals, and the other is Dou s doubus.However, the Emperor Wu of Han was once experienced a very complex court struggle.The emperor of Han Jing Emperor is very panicked.I think my own official is too small, I dont do it.Emperor ascended the throne sixteen years old, he is a veritable juvenile emperor.This is a very important raw Dou Ying selectedbecause.Dou Ying made prime minister, Qiu position with him as you complete reciprocity.Dou Ying was sealed by Hanjing Emperor as the Taizu, which was a high political treatment.” The Queen heard the words, the big shocked, pulled Tang Yan said: “Yili brother, I wish Put the rich, recruit you as a husband, tomorrow, Gao Debao, that is, I wish to be a king, I will eat it, how can I become? “The chaos of the seven countries and the time of this family feast are the same year.In this, it has planned a big scam, and the Queen is slowly entering the way.The report is like a Buddha to ruling, and what God can be more appropriate, I want to get it better than “the Queen of Chastity”.She is a wife of the Tan Tan Dord Buddha, this is the rhythm, Zhou Bangs neighboring must be fully pleased, and even more tribute to him, I hope he can say good words in front of the Buddha, praySeeking his country, Jiangshan Yonggu, the daughter countrys power is continuously extended, opening up, and expansion, achieving the greatness of the world.This family feast, Han Jing Di said something: “After hundreds of years, the throne should pass to Liang Wang.Tian Fen Dou Ying This time was also appointed, Dou Ying to do the prime minister, when Qiu Tian Fen.Conclusion: His tragedy happened that in the process of decision in the field, it was held in the nose.Select Dou Ying Han Dynasty when the prime minister of the reason is very complex, it is important first of the first, someone behind the operation of this matter, the matter of who is none other than the operation, but the emperors pro-uncle Tian Fen, when younger brother towards the Queen Mothers. read more

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Anti-Gorm Group, the main reason for the net profit loss in 2016 is a loss of storm TV.Water is full of mountains, and there is a farmland.It is not as good as saying that it is not as good as it is, Fan Zhong flooded is directly returned to the country.LeTV said in the 2016 annual report that Due to 6 billion yuan in Lessen, he directly leads to the purity of LeTV net.2 billion yuan from the beginning of the year.The Departments requested the Storm Group to explain that the company expects the reasons why the accounts receivable cannot be recovered. read more