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What is the last day? In fact, I ran to Bei Tianmen, find Zhenwu Emperor borrows soap, temporarily covering the sky.the South China Sea, Sun Wukong goes most, because Guanyin is in the South China Sea Putuo;However, only the Beihai, in the Journey to the West, but mentioning very little, but when we carefully study, we will find that the background and forces of the North Sea are not as simple as we think, light this The boss of the sea is not the same.Why say North Sea Longwang The reason is very simple, because the King of the North Sea is not a boss, who is the boss in the North Sea? Lets take a look.All of these malicious programs are video audio and video playback software, playing “free viewing video complete works and other flags to induce user downloads, and send the designated number to the designated number to send a subscriber SMS, maliciously consumed user mobile phone bills in the case of user unaware.Who knows how to watch the video is just a scorpion, and his mobile phone has also infected Trojan virus and has been installed several bundles.The concept of CRO is rising, the photovoltaic concept is weak, and the white wine is rushing.Then, readers will ask, Journey to the South, West, North Sea, why do you have to talk to the boss of Beihai? Or is it a large amazing identity?In recent years, with the booming of video playing software, everyone is also a risk of malicious deduction while enjoying the drama.The nine-head insects were hurt, because fled to the Beihai, Sun Wukong is in this place is the real estate area, he immediately stops chasing, afraid of being a criminal Wu Emperor.With excellent virus killing, Tencent mobile housekeeper has repeatedly recognized internationally renowned security laboratories such as AV-TEST, AV-C, and Saida Laboratory.In the afternoon, it refers to the single-sided up to 4%, and the number of foreign turnover is 34 consecutive trading days.In the “2018 Global Mobile Phone Software Cross-Rating Report”, Tencent Mobile Manager has obtained a full range, name list, continued to lead the security industry at 100% of the killing rate. read more

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, is a battle, no attack Gram, even the Xiang Yu, the “Feng Zhen Yong, the Ancient”, also lost Han Xin in the battle of Hai.Rank 4th is 绛 绛 侯Bo, the fifth is that the Wuyang Wuhou Fan Wei, the Yunyin Houxia Hou Ying ranked eighth, Yan Yin Hou Girl ranked ninth.Before he was, Liang Zou Hao Wucu and Boyang Zhuanghou Chen Wei.The second is that Liu Bang has the heart of Han Xin.The first Han Xin ranked first in the midporation of the military, but was placed in the 21st position by Liu Bang.Zhang Liangs status in Liu Bangs heart, and the achievements of the Han Dynasty, did not lose Han Xin and Xiao He, but Zhang Liang was a very smart person.There is a foreign poetry written very well.Liu Bang once asked the ministers, why can I have a uniform world, but Xiang Yu lost the world? The Minister said to Liu Bang, although Xiang Yu is thick and loves others, but he is awkward, not willing to reward people, so people are I dont want to follow him, and I am arrogant and insulting others, but I am willing to seal the city to people.and your family, love people will collapse.Finally, Zhang Liang went to Liu Bang to stay, this is where he meets Liu Bang.Dont be sad, as long as you live, there is a worst thing happening.Liu Bang said to the Minister: “Knowing that one, unknown two. read more