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The word Prince, I was originally not single independence of the emperor.New crown pneumonia epidemic did not block the pace of the 3rd China International Import Expo, and the Expo is also as clicking!Since ancient times, every Prince has confirmed by the emperor, is a person who has a world in the future.Products, as well as smart products such as disinfection robots, unmanned distribution robots.Whether it is in the “Journey to the Gods” or “Journey to the West”, Li Tianwang is always wearing armor, wearing a golden-winged 乌 treasure crown, the left hand Totta, the majestic, a pair ready to be ready The monster looks.Which is a person in my own local religious teaching myths, there is a lot of titles, such as Sanchaohai Will you have a great god, people generally be respectful as the prince, three princes, and win the boy.Public Health Epidemic Prevention Equipment Scene Experience Museum is a new crown pneumonia epidemic still in the global spread of public experience halls to enter the Experience Hall for the first time in the public health and epidemic prevention, and build a promotion.At the time, because the ruler did not understand the Chinese traditional culture, the prince was more generally, the emperor and the son of the prince can be called “Prince”, like the anti-gold hero Yue Feis largest opponent gold medal There is a title of four princes. read more